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1000 - 10.000 liter
Rectangular BigBagMix ®

Rectangular BigBagMix ®

Store fertilizer, spores or daily stock in a tight space? Kemeling Kunststoffen has a good alternative for the open (A & B) mixing tanks. A customised rectangular, closed tank can be an excellent solution.

Double-walled collection container for liquid fertilizer tanks

The customised double-walled collection containers for the HortiTanks or StorageTanks Basic. Ensures a safe fertilizer installation that is easy to install.

Breeding- and quarantinetanks

Looking for a technical plastic (fish) breeding tank or quarantine tank? Techncial plastic is extremely suitable for growing fish, crustaceans, shellfish and algae in breeding installations. Kemeling produces these solutions entirely to your specificatio

CompartiMixTank ®

CompartiMixTank ®

A CompartiMixtank ® is a rectangular, closed tank with different compartments from 500 to 5000 litres, for the storage and mixing of fertilizers and traces.

Pump and filler cabinets

Pump and filler cabinets

We can produce your pump or filling cabinet from various materials, such as HDPE and PP in various designs. You can choose whether you want to use transparent sliding windows, leaks/collection tanks and mounting facilities.

Mix- and taptables

Are you looking for a method to mix different substances in a safe way? Kemeling offers durable technical plastic mixing tables, resistant to most chemical liquids.

Filter containers

For filtering water for crustaceans and shellfish in breeding installations, a filter tank made of HDPE or PP is extremely suitable. Kemeling Kunststoffen produces these durable solutions to your specifications.

Transportation containers

Looking for a container to transport water, fish, algae, curstaceans or shellfish? A transport container made of HDPE or PP is ideally suited for this purpose. Kemeling offers you the perfect solution by producing fully to your specifications.


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