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Our certificates guarantee that the quality of our products and services has been objectively tested. We guarantee that our designs and production comply with statutory requirements. We control our internal work processes to perfection, which minimises failure costs.
  • Tested by independent experts
  • Objectively tested, demonstrable in black and white
  • Reliable, transparent and verified


Kemeling Kunststoffen BV is KIWA certified for the BRL-K21009/03. This guideline covers the storage of chemicals in above-ground pressureless, welded, single-walled and double-walled thermoplastic technical plastic tanks.
All companies that fall under the Activities Decree (BARIM) and store chemicals are obliged to have the storage installation installed under certificate BRL - K903. Part of this installation is a certified storage tank and drip tray supplied by Kemeling Kunststoffen!
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Kemeling Kunststoffen is NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certified. This is a standard that indicates how Kemeling Kunststoffen can ensure that it:
  • Knows what its customers expect and demand
  • Provides sufficient resources to meet these requirements
  • Delivers its service or product in the agreed manner
  • Continuously checks whether the requirements have been met and makes improvements where necessary.
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DVS DVS 2212-1 welding certificate is one of the core values of Kemeling Kunststoffen BV. To guarantee the quality of our products, our employees have followed a very specific training in technical plastic welding techniques. The extensive theoretical and practical training took several days. After this, they were tested for knowledge and skills in accordance with DVS2212-1. This standard prescribes how to weld and what the obtained weld must comply with.
The final test was conducted by TÜV SÜD, a body certified for this purpose. Due to this result, TÜV SÜD has issued a certificate to Kemeling Kunststoffen, guaranteeing that Kemeling has qualified technical plastic welders.
Download our certificate here.




The HortiQ certificate is specifically aimed at greenhouse horticulture. The certificate was created to guarantee investors and growers that the greenhouse construction, heating and water technical installation have been built and installed according to objective and verifiable standards. All certified companies are assessed by an independent body (KIWA) based on official Assessment Guideline. HortiQ has two different standards for which companies can be certified.
BRL8000 stands for HortiQ Certified Process & Product and guarantees the quality of both the process and the product supplied and focuses on the design and construction of greenhouse structures, greenhouse heating and water technical installations.
BRL8001 stands for HortiQ Certified Quality System and guarantees the company's general quality policy. This standard applies to Kemeling and all other companies supplying installations, systems and services to the greenhouse horticulture sector.
Download our full certificate here.



VLAREM II stands for the "Flemish Environmental Permit Regulations". The VLAREM II guidelines apply in both the horticultural and industrial sectors and consist of 3 parts. Kemeling is certified according to VLAREM II and this standard consists, among other things, of the guidelines for storing hazardous substances in tanks. The VLAREM II guidelines are checked and certified by an independent control organism (CORCON bvba).
Kemeling has a prototype approval certificate for single-walled and double-walled round tanks made of HDPE100 sheet material. This certificate guarantees Kemeling's quality and craftsmanship. During the development and production of the tanks, there is an objective and verifiable working method utilizing clear procedures and criteria. After production, each tank is provided with a rating plate and a declaration of conformity, making the tank always traceable. After installation of the tank, the inspection body inspects the entire installation through a commissioning inspection and, if the result is good, it is certified.
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Kemeling is a recognised training company for vmbo pupils or mbo students (in terms of the Dutch education system). As an employer, Kemeling thus also offers the next generation development possibilities and opportunities. With this recognition, we can offer students the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in our company for their studies.
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