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Axle support:

In this way, the mixing axle can be kept stable during mixing.

Bends and knees:

For pipework in tanks. Think of, among others, suction pipes and filling pipes.

Plate holder A4:

Plate holder on which important tank specifications can be stated.


On behalf of pipingwork.






External thread throughput:

In this way, connections can be made for filling, venting, suction and overflow.

Internal thread throughput:

In this way, connections can be made for filling, venting, suction and overflow.

Shark fin:

Prevents the lid from falling through.


Hand hole: 

To enable inspection in the tank. Ø160 up to Ø600 with a rubber tendon for sealing. 








Full technical plastic handle to open the lid.



Lifting lug:

Provision to be able to lift the tank safely with a lifting strap.


Folding lid:

2-part hinged hatch (hole size 1200 x 1200 mm).

Valve holder:

By means of a technical plastic holder, the lid can easily be left open.





Hinged hatch:

For easy access to the tank (hole size 600 x 600 mm).


GRP grid:

A grid that is mounted on top of a drip tray on which drums, jerrycans or containers can be placed. In this way, no space is lost and more collection capacity is available.

Measurement unit:

Fully technical plastic strip on which the level of the content can be read.

Mechanical level indication:

Gauge glass with which the liquid level can be read from the outside.








Hold-up closure:

 A padlock can be attached to the eye of the closure.


Hose socket:

A hose socket is used to make a hosel inkable.



Ventilation grille: 

To be used for a good supply and extraction of air.  



Inspection hole:

Inspection hatch for on top of the tank, fitted with a unique lock for a good sealing.











Collar bush with flange:

A widened edge at the end of one tube to be mounted against another flange, allowing two tubes to be mounted together.




Stainless steel hinge:

A steel plate that you can fasten between two parts, allowing these parts to rotate. Think for example of a hinged hatch.



Brass insert:

Being used to make a strong threaded connection in technical plastic.



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