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Our circular contribution

Kemeling Kunststoffen finds it important to contribute to our society and fellow man. We feel socially responsible, which is why we work according to a circular working method, recycling products and residual materials and minimising value destruction. Thus, raw materials are used multiple times in the production of our technical plastic and fewer raw materials are needed.
Our circular working method is reflected in several areas of our business, for example in the way we handle the technical plastic sheet material from which our products are made. These sustainable materials are of high quality and therefore very suitable for reuse and recycling. Below, we describe how we ensure that no piece of sheet material remains unused. Future-proof is what we call it!
Sustainable sheet material production
  • Sustainable and tactical transport.
  • CO2 footprint reduction through use of lightweight material.
  • Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001.
Sustainability at sheet material supplier
  • Conscious use of raw materials to minimise waste and raw material losses.
  • Reduced emissions through tactical delivery of orders.


Sustainable production of plastic products
  • Every piece of sheet material is used for production.
  • Residual material is collected and recycled.


Recycling residual material
  • Residual material is processed into usable granules.
  • These granules are used for technical plastic sheets, pipes, pallets, crates and injection moulding.





With smart labels, Kemeling gives its products a unique digital identity. So you can find all the relevant information about the product supplied.

Registration page: We have developed a nice platform that gives every product produced at Kemeling a unique label, which gives the owner access to relevant information about the individual product. Super handy for users who want to know more (or everything) about the beautiful products they purchase.

Be sustainable: We give each product a 'digital identity'. Developed from the philosophy: if you manufacture a product and put it into society, you are also responsible for helping it out.

Your benefits:

Registering your product extends your warranty from 1 to 2 years. This gives you extra security in both the quality and durability of your new product.
Return your product at the end of its service life and receive a discount on your new product. We take care of the recycling, so no costs for return and processing.
By registering your product, you will receive information on the resource use, environmental impact, and value retention of your new product from 2024.
You will receive detailed information about your product, such as production methods, test procedures and manuals. On request, these specific documents can be received digitally

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