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Plastic watermeterwells (HDPE)

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We develop, produce and supply technical plastic HDPE water meter wells that fully meet your specific wishes and requirements. We provide the wells with stiffening strips, foamed PVC plate, watertight connections and hinged lids.


General information
A water meter well is installed outdoors to house a connection to the drinking water network. A water meter is then needed to account for this water. A water meter measures how much tap water is consumed by customers of a water utility. Different capacities for a water meter exist. These are indicated by Qn (Quantity Nominal). Such a Qn value indicates the maximum m3 of water that can be used in an hour. For an average household, this value lies between Qn1.5 and Qn2.5. A water meter well ensures that both the water meter, water pipe, and valves can be housed safely and frost-free.

Kemeling has been producing water meter wells for 15 years according to satisfaction to various customers and water supply companies. The technical plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethene) water meter wells for water are fully custom designed, manufactured and delivered on site according to all set requirements and guidelines. Our products are a lot lighter and more durable compared to the concrete wells and the well material is fully recyclable as well.
Recommendation required well for various Qn-values
We recommend the following water meter wells for various Qn-values and pipes:
Type I                    Qn 1,5 – 2,5       Suitable for pipe: Ø5 to 25 mm
Type II                  Qn 1,5 – 2,5        Suitable for pipe: Ø14 to 40 mm
Type III                 Qn 1,5 – 3,5        Suitable for pipe: Ø28 to 60 mm
Type IV                 Qn 3,5 – 10         Suitable for pipe: Ø88 to 125 mm


Technical specifications
We provide the water meter well including:
  • Expansion strips
  • Foamed PVC plate
  • Watertight connections
  • Hinged aluminum checker plate cover
  • Mounted lock preparation
Optionally, the wells can be produced as manifold well to serve multiple water meters.
When do I need an outdoor water meter pit?
  • Market stalls (Qn1,5 - Qn2,5)
    An outdoor water meter well must also be provided for market stalls that require piped water. Tap water is also required for parties such as a fairground.
  • Water meter well for in construction (Qn1.5 - Qn2.5)
    During construction, in many cases, builders also need (potable) water, for example, for their construction shack. This water must also be paid for. To calculate this consumption, a water meter is needed. This water meter is then placed in a well. This well does not stay at the site, but is taken away again after the work to be done.
  • Houseboat (Qn1.5 - Qn2.5)
A houseboat also requires an outside water meter pit. This is necessary because the pipe used by the waterworks is quite rigid. Because a houseboat moves, this pipe cannot be used for a connection to the boat. As a result, the service line ends in the well. The owner of the houseboat must then provide their own more flexible pipe from the well to the boat.
  • Recreation (Qn3.5-Qn6)
    Recreational businesses such as campgrounds and bungalow parks require an outdoor water meter well to measure the water consumption of their business. A characteristic of these wells is that there is often one pipe entrance and multiple exits.
  • Too far from the main line (Qn1.5 - Qn15)
When a new water connection needs to be made, a customer can request this from the water supply company of that area. This water supply company has a starting rate for connecting, this starting rate varies from company to company. What also varies is the number of meters of service line included from the main line. This varies from ten to 25 meters. If this is more, the water supply company decides whether the customer must pay a tariff for the extra meters of service pipe, or whether the customer must lay this pipe himself. In the latter case, an outdoor water meter pit is required.
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