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Explanation month allowance

Please note: This monthly surcharge is no longer valid. Since 15 October, we have a fixed price adjustment.


Naaldwijk, March 30, 2021
Dear customer,


As you have undoubtedly already noticed, it is currently very turbulent in the technical plastics raw materials market.


The European market for polymers has been under very high pressure for some months now, resulting in a great scarcity of raw materials, so we are facing enormous price increases. Given the current circumstances, we are forced to go along with this.


We have, however, chosen to keep our sales prices of our fixed assortment on the website and the standard customer articles stable, but to work with a monthly allowance.* The expectation is that this will continue until  after the summer period.


The month allowance will be as of July 1: 15% over the entire product (this will be mentioned separately on the quotation-order invoice).


Of course, this surcharge will lapse as soon as the market stabilizes again.


We considered it our task to inform you of the problem so that you can take the necessary measures. As always, your contacts at Kemeling will be happy to advise and assist you in making the right decisions.
We hope for your understanding in this turbulent time. Should you have any further questions, please let us know.


Kind regards,
Robert Kemeling


* For "custom made products" this surcharge will be calculated automatically. 


How come the situation is so unsettled ?

The entire technical plastics industry seems to have been caught off guard by the particularly rapid developments with regard to price increases,
especially now that worrying noises about availability and reliability of plastics are becoming more and more apparent.


A whole range of causes for this sudden pressure on raw materials and therefore also on semi-finished products has now been reviewed.
Force majeures at global producing companies, high container costs, low inventory levels due to the corona crisis,
higher prices achieved by commodity producers in other continents, production capacity outages in Texas in particular,
reduced production in crude oil refining, and sharply rising global demand for plastics products are trotting up prices at a furious pace.

What about availability ?

Increasingly, reliability and availability are coming under pressure.
A number of suppliers have already indicated that even confirmed orders may not be delivered in full and that also the price must be discussed again.
Of course we will try to prevent this at all times, but it does show how urgent and intense the situation is at the moment.


What does this mean for you?
  • We have to make a reservation regarding the validity of offers and your current prices. As of today, they will be weekly prices unless otherwise expressly agreed with us in writing.
  • Also already issued quotations will have to be discussed again with regard to price and delivery time.
  • In case of doubt, discuss the prices with your contact person.
  • Further price increases may occur in the near future.

What does the future look like?

It is very difficult to make a reliable prediction regarding future developments at this time,
because there are many uncertainties and unpredictable external factors in the market.


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